factor ‘lah’


As a portuguese, although we are quite good with foreign languages, we are EXPERTS in creating new words. And new languages.
Many of us pretend to speak spanish by adding ‘i’ to our own words. Like “quierio” to say ‘i want’. Or speak perfect italian, by adding ‘inni’. Creating words like “queijinni” (cheese) “pequeninni” (small). We actually feel really pleased with ourselves, cos some of us truly think we can speak the language. Of course that once we find a spanish or italian, we get frustrated, because they have NO idea of what we’re talking about.
Well in Malaysia, they got ‘lah’.

[lɑ́] or [lâ].

You walk around Malaysia and hear “don’t have lah!”, “its ok lah!” and “yes lah!”, in every corner.

If you google-it, you’ll find the most common phrases with the suffix ‘lah’: “Got Nasi Lemak lah, Roti Canai lah. Everything got lah!”, “don’t have lah!”, and so on….

I don’t want to give you a huge list, but i’m going to tell you the best one so far, that a friend of mine heard:

“Fuck you lah!”

Seriously. Absolutely brilliant.
Now you know why the name “chronicles lah” was selected for this blog.


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