The most important connection of 4 letters in Malaysia.
If you don’t enjoy the food in Malaysia, you can’t completely understand this country. The literal translation of the most friendly greeting, is: “have you eaten?”, this alone should make you understand that food is a very important part of Malaysia’s culture.
The best way to start getting familiar with the food, is to get some locals to take you to they’re usual places, and pick the food for you. This is how I learn to absolutely LUV chinese-malaysian food. The simple and “rude” way they mix dishes, “steal” food from your plate, and mix flavors, its amazing. Order 4 small dishes, and the combinations and infinite.
But not everything is fantastic.
The hygiene in almost every restaurant would get them closed in a glimpse, if they where located in the West. Although, as i easily understood, the most crappy restaurant has the best and most delicious food!
How do you do this then?
Forget your eyes.
Don’t look.
Do not look.
Do not, by any reason, ever, at all, look at the kitchen.
Just order, eat and enjoy.


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