chicken rice


You know how each one of us has a particular favorite food, that we could actually live on for a couple of months? I even dare to say: years?
Well, here in Malaysia, i chose mine on the first week.
Last August when i started working in Damansara Perdana (12 km from KLCC), my Chinese colleagues took me to lunch in lots of different places, so i could try different things, but the truth is, almost every time we would go to a Chinese coffee shop, i would order Chicken Rice.
Just simple Roasted Chicken, with white rice, served with soup, but absolutely fantastic!! The soup specially, its the broth of the Chicken, stuffed with ginger and green onions, then add some salt and voilà! More magic occurs if you find a coffee shop that also does roasted pork, mixed together they’re just – yummy!
This… lets call it obsession, made me try Chicken Rice in many different places. Weather it was is every coffee shop in Damansara Perdana, KLCC, Johor Baru, the southern highway, northern highway, or several coffee shops in Penang.. And still, the best one, is in the first place i ate in Damansara – 88.
And truth is, after returning from Portugal, that was my first meal, and if it had been possible, i would’ve eaten it at every meal.
So i got myself my first new year’s resolution: to get a good, local, and old family recipe of a Roasted Chicken Rice, and then…the tougher part: learn how to cook it. I bet there are gonna be lots of posts regarding my attempts!!


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