little red market

Once every 3 months there’s a “boutique market”, where designers, artists, photographers, handmade craftsman/woman, and gourmets, join in Kuala Lumpur, to what is called the Little Red Market.
Quoting its official website: “Little Red Market is a dream of two Melbourne girls, Melissa and Sally, who are currently based in Kuala Lumpur. Their dream is to be surrounded by talented artisans who enjoy designing and creating their own products.”
The latest event was last sunday, in Publika’s White Box. It was my first visit to this market, and i have to say: i loved it!!
The first thing that caught my eye, was the lettering and graphic design surrounding the event.



I have to say i was pretty happy with the coffee too! Although it was kind of burned, it was at the entrance of the market, it was expresso, served in small plastic cups, and cheap (RM5)! And that totally made my morning, cos i was thriving for an expresso..
I was also happy to see a Capoeira class in the market, young locals and westerners “dancing” to the sound of berimbau, while their cheering parents stood in the crowd. Coincidence that i met the brazilian capoeira master last December, in an event in Penang. Where the, i gotta say – pretty hot – Master did a capoeira show. The good thing about Malaysia, is that even in December, you can do a capoeira show without a shirt! Just sayin’…
Back to the Little Red Market.
After the coffee, the capoeira fighters, and the cheering parents, you could see a fantastic variety of stalls, and besides the great choice of the venue, the crowd attending, was a balanced half locals, half westerners, old, young and very young curious.


Walking around the stalls, you could find the funny and shiny Licking Booth, to buy some fruit made artisan pops @


Notebooks for every age, style and purpose. Small sizes, medium and large. With stripes, dots, flowers, smiley faces, penguins or the Eiffel Tower @



Susan gave us her great work with words. The lettering, phrases, words, canvas, posters, postcards, makes you need to control the shopaholic in you! @


More notebooks and paper goods ahead! Its @,
with handmade papercool stuff made in Malaysia.


Last but not least, my favorite, a young local Artists – Diane & Janice, that do wood boxes, or tables, with back lit instagram-photos, taken by themselves, or with our own photos @


I missed this kind of things here, although there are other markets in KL, besides Chinatown, like Amcorp, that i haven’t visited yet (but will next weekend!), the thing is, this was very organized, clean, and had this aura of happiness around it.


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