How old we look in Portugal.
How old we look in the States.
How old we look in Asia.
I’ve always been very proud of how people think i’m younger than i actually am. Usually people would give me 5/8 years less, which every woman, in any Continent loves!
But ever since i arrived in Malaysia, people usually give me 30, completely false, cos i’m 29,5. OK, now i’m about 29,9. But thats not the point.
Just like in the States or Italy people think most of us portuguese look a lot younger than we are.
Here is the other way around.
Asians have no wrinkles, and because of they’re exotic nature, i can never guess their age, i always give them 5/10/20 years less. Less!
You know how we women get when we’re about to turn 30? A TINY BIT depressed?
Well, last weekend, my problem with turning 30 became completely irrelevant.
Last Sunday on a tour in Chinatown with my friend Diana, we went to a shop to buy some ” Chinese minced pork”. Suddenly the, so far, nice Chinese lady, looked at both of us, and said:
“You are so beautiful!”
And for a nano-second, our answer was “thank you”. Then, she added “are you mother and daughter?”
We bursted laughing obviously. And then, i asked the not-so-nice-anymore-Chinese-lady, how old she actually thought we were.
Most. Stupid. Question. Ever.
So you thing that because we were laughing, she would get that our ages were closer. So naively i thought she was gonna give Diana around 15 years old (who’s 23), and then me around the 30 somethings…
But no.
“You 18 (pointing at Diana). And you, 48.”

Yeah, I had the exact same reaction as you did.
Of course we laugh out loud.
The other ladies laugh.
She laugh and apologized.
And i told her, that i thought i was having problems with turning 30, and she had just made me way more depressed, so i was never going back to her shop again!!
Obviously i will go back there, cos they have the best minced pork in town… Cos in Malaysia you learn to never say never, if there’s food involved.


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