How many times have you watch movies about war, or saw videos about it on the news?
Plenty right?
Too many.
I have this ritual, which is to wake up 30min before i need to get up, and check the news on CNN, check all topics, watch the videos/reports.
Unfortunately, in the past months, war has been a common theme, North Korea, South Korea, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Syria. So has been violence, in India, Newport, Steubenville, Ohio, Cameroon, Sudan, Rwanda,..
So when i’m at home at night, in the couch, watching a movie, trying to relax, and suddenly i ear a huge blast, and light coming from the street next to my building, i though: something exploded!
It was just fireworks.
Yeah, fireworks.
In the middle of KLCC, in Jalan P Ramlee (which is a pretty busy street).
Just a couple of hundred meters from the Petronas.


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