ups lah

So, i’ve been working in my new studio since the February’s first week, and we ended up without electricity at least 4 times already.
Not us office.
Us – the whole block!
Till now, it had always happened before we got to the office, so we would be unable to work till around 11 am. But today happened in the middle of the afternoon.
And i got to understand why.
From my desk, i can see the hole studio, plus the glass main door. So we heard this big blast, and i saw a light in the glass door, coming from the stairs.
So what happened you ask?
The top floor is being renovated, so the geniuses somehow managed to hit the electrical cables on the wall, and got the hole block in the dark – again. For around 1.30 hours…
It’s safe to say: Ups Lah!!


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