the shirt and the biker


Bikers in Malaysia are a big thing, not only there are many of them, but also there are so many interesting, rather – peculiar about them.
I had been trying to take a good photo about the subject above, but i hadn’t had never been fast enough to get the camera.
Finally today i was ready for it!
When you see a biker on the street, about 80% of the times they’ll be wearing a long sleeve shirt – backwards.
Yes, BACKwards.
And yes they know its backwards.
From what i’ve been able to observe, each biker has an extra shirt/jacket to use over they’re own clothes, so when they get to their bikes, they just put them on, and off them go.
There are many supposed reasons for it i guess, although i can find any.
Specially when their justification for it is: “its easier the dress it backwards”.
That was the same face i had when i first heard it.
Finally i got a better explanation for it.. Apparently its to block the sun in the arms, and by dressing it backwards, the arms are protected, and they won’t get too hot on their backs!
Thats a reason as good as any other i believe…


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