nusa dua & denpasar, bali, indonesia

My first visit to Bali, was not exactly my normal type of trip. I usually go on FULL tourism mode, most things super planned, where i make sure that all the best touristic destinations are covered.
This time i was going for a romantic getaway, so more chilling, less sightseeing.

We took an AirAsia flight to Denpasar’s International Airport, cost is subject to dates, starting at 400RM. And… It takes only 3h to Bali!! For many of us westerners this is like going to a city close to our home, but we are talking about BALI, not Paris, London, LA, or New York… B-A-L-I.

Going around Bali by taxi is a cheaper than in Malaysia, but traffic is crazy!! Specially if u stay in the South side of the island, and try to go to go up North.. We took about 1hour from Nusa Dua to Seminyak around 7pm (Saturday), and then 1hour from Nusa Dua to Kuta at 11am (Sunday).
From what i heard the best to go around the island is by scooter, but from the way i saw Indonesians driving… Its at your own risk!!

As this was a weekend-for-two, we stayed at The Bali Khama a Resort & Spa, in Nusa Dua, an idealic, quiet and romantic hotel. Perfectly cleaned and maintained, the hotel has a light Japanese vibe, mixed with a tasteful modern-Indonesian style.

Besides the beach side pool, bar, amazing breakfast, and two guest lounges with an iMac (yep! Thats right a big ass iMac), there is free wi-fi throughout the resort, including in the beach!
The staff was fantastic!! Friendly, efficient and friendly… Did i say that again!? I’ll re- phrase: friendly, efficient and super friendly! If i was a real millionaire i would absolutely hire Indonesians or Thais!!
Another great thing about The Khama, is that it costed 1.500.000 IDR = 415 RM (loooool), for two nights, breakfast included!


I absolutely recommend it for a romantic getaway, a quiet and relaxing holiday, or a family with babies.
The only thing about The Khama, is that the beach is not the hoped for crystal water beach.
Theres lot of water activities, a lot!


Banana thingy pulled by boat.
Big matress thats pulled by boat.
Parachute thats pulled by boat.
Other weird stuff pulled by boat…

So most of our activities were:
Chilling by the beach.
Chilling by the pool.
Chilling by the pool bar.


There are three main streets that are quite trendy with many nice restaurants and bars. Also located in Seminyak the trendiest of street (as far as i know) are: Jalan Kayu Aya, Jalan Seminyak and Jalan Dhyana Pura. They’re filled with restaurants, bars, clubs and shops.
There’s a lot of variety there – italian, greek, japanese, french,… So if you’re not sure what to eat, this is the perfect place to go.
We dined an amazing burger at Soho (opened 365/24/7), i know, i know…
“You had Western food in Indonesia??!!”
Well… We’re living in Asia, so thats what we were craving for!


We did managed to do a couple of hours of sightseeing in Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Not many foreigners visit the temples in Denpasar, so you make sure you dress up properly (long skirt or pants, and a shirt to cover your shoulders).
A Pura is a Balinese Hindu temple, you’ll find most of the Puras from Indonesia in Bali, as the main religion in the island in Hindu Dharma.
Balinese Hinduism is one of the most peaceful religions i’ve come to know.
It seeks balance between dharma (cosmos) and adharma (disorder).


Even though the temples are open air, there is still a sense of peace and order, as you encounter the the three mandala zones in the temple’s plan.
Many of the temples have a split gate entrance, the kori agung, that is one of the most well known images of the temples in Bali.



In the middle of Denpasar, we found a beautiful local market, selling thousands of flowers and fruits, many of them that will end up being an offering to the Gods.
One could say you may find the market from the amazing smell coming from the flowers, and the bright colors of everything that is displayed.








As the usual cliche, i left the best for last:
Two words: POTATO HEAD. THE best spot in Bali.
We decided to spend our remaining hours in Bali in Potato Head, so we arrived around 4pm, after touring around Denpasar’s temples, we found it complicated to arrive there, but i think we were just unlucky with our driver.
Potato Head Beach Club, is located Seminyak, and its a Beach Club-Bar-Restaurant-with-great-design-and-mood-kinda-place. You have everything, from local expats, to american college students in a summer trip, with a kind of Beverly Hills/Miami vibe.
Design wise is gorgeous, really tasteful and carefully maintained, staff is quite friendly, and well… the view is stunning!
Almost everybody i know that went to Bali, loved it and always recommends it as a top thing to do and see in Bali.
And so do i..


… and make sure you go there for the sunset as we did, cos its worth it!



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