earth heir

I’ve been lucky to have the most amazing landlords, since the first apartment i rented in Milan.

… but my previous landlord just goes to another level of A-MA-ZING, as she is literally trying to make the world a better place, for some very special people.

Her name is Sasi Kimis, and it all started with a trip to Cambodia, and it ended in 2013 with the formation of Earth Heir, together with her sis Poomabai and friend Ee-Leng (all girls!).

Craftspeople have a huge importance in preserving the fading culture of any country. In many countries you can find beautiful handcraft pieces, with a quality that is 200 times better than any Louis Vuitton, Prada or Chanel. Not to mention the fact that you won’t find anyone with a piece like yours, as they are unique.

Now let talk about another thing: disabled people and trafficking survivors, that are living in simple and modest places, not in big fancy cities where there are programs and supporting groups. Places where finding a job is already complicated, but that any future will always be better than the past, or than no future.

Then along comes Earth Heir, uniting these two important elements. Making sure that these unique people are not forgotten.
Making sure that each piece has a story.
Making sure that you don’t just buy a scarf or a necklace, but the story of who made it.
Sasi Kimis knows the story of each piece, and will make sure you know too once you buy that piece.

And this is why, when i received an email from Sasi saying:

“Hey Di! This is a little out of the blue, but we are doing a photoshoot for our products.
We are looking for friends who could help us model the products. Please let me know if you are interested and available to help us? πŸ™‚ Thanks so much dear.”

I immediately said: “All in!”

Anyone that knows me, knows that i am very picky with taking photos, and that i have one smile for the camera.
Thats it.
My own Hollywood smile.
A smile that took me thousands of photos to the garbage, and years to find.
So i hate to see myself in photos where i’m not in my Hollywoodish smile.

But because it was for a great cause, i just said yes!

So there i go, meeting the girls at 8.45am (after working in the office till 6am), after a quick bite at Sasi’s, make-up time!
Sasi decided to go deep full black eye shadow (which its perfect as its the only shadow color i use), and most of us got in our black fancy dresses. Classic look that would turn any handcrafted scarf into a luxury handcrafted scarf.

We left for another of Sasi’s property, an old abandoned villa, and each of us (amateur models, but pro-friends!) had our own set of scarves prepared and separated.
Scarf on and shoot!

I have to say it was quite challenging when i was first asked to do my natural smile.
Whats natural? My Hollywood smile IS my natural smile!
There you go… issues.. i found out that apparently when i’m not doing my Hollywood smile, i look grumpy, angry or sad… Not good to sell a product apparently! After many tests, we found out that i have to do a half smile (as i call it).
Then it was just trying to remember that percentage of happy i needed to look. When i was actually really happy to be doing this, and constantly making fun of the producer.


So i learned that you have basically a million and one ways to wear a scarf. But if you’re African (you know who you are Liz!).. Then you know a million and two MORE ways of using it.

I have to say that the other ladies were AMAZING, not only they looked super good, but also super friendly and great to hang out for a whole day.
Different nationalities religions and age.
All friends of Sasi.
All girls.
All in all, the right way to do a photoshoot for Earth Heir.



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