My name is Diana, but you can call me Di.
I’m a proud portuguese woman – yeah yeah, the “land” of Cristiano Ronaldo.
Portugal is also an amazingly sunny country, full of welcoming people, amazing food, exquisite wines, great beaches and an enormous cultural and historical background – founded in the year 868! But well… Cristiano Ronaldo lately has placed our country high on the map of football.
I’m 33 years old, or as i see it: 20 year old, plus 13 of experience.
And i have to say that ever since i turned 30, life has been absolutely amazing!

I wish i could tell you that i sold all my possessions, and that i am traveling the world with an old vintage leather suitcase…

But i can’t.

So far there aren’t that many possessions to sell.
And i have to admit, i’m still stuck between wishing to have some sort of a career, and traveling the world 24/7.
Also its kinda complicated to be an interior designer and not have a house.
Where else should i display all the beautiful things I bought around the world?

So for now.. I think i got the best of both worlds.
I moved to Malaysia, and thanks to AirAsia i can fly to stunning destinations for a super low rate.

Going back on history, i was lucky enough to travel a lot with my family.
And I fell madly in love with Airports before i even knew what love was…
And i never fell out of love.

I was always encouraged to visit as much as i could in any city, because i didn’t know if i would ever be able to return to that place again.
When we were on holidays, we would gather around after dinner, to decide what we would do the next day.
And because we are all kinda control freaks, and map addicts, we would make sure the route was properly organized, so we wouldn’t waste time.
I remember being about 10, landing in Athens with my whole entourage, and running (alone!) to the exchange counter to get my first drachmas.
Never mind the fact that my family was panicking, cos they had no idea where i was, till they saw me running towards them, proudly showing my Dracmas!
I will always remember my first “solo” trip when i was 11, off to Edinburgh for 4 weeks, when i crashed into an english summer program, with a bunch of other kids i didn’t knew before.
Then our family roadtrips with nothing much booked but the final destination, crossing different countries, cities, rivers, and very often filled with awesome stories… Like that one time we got stranded in a huge snowstorm, and had to sleep in a school in Burgus (Spain)…

Truth is, i will always blame my family for my traveling addiction…
And i will never forgive them!

My yearly visits to ski in the Dolomites (Italy) had me learning Italian in no time, and i’m quite sure i could speak some Italian before i could add 2+2.
And again, i fell in love..

With Italy.

Throughout the years, i fell in love with the mountains, the language, the food, the history, the architecture, the art, the culture, the lifestyle, the aperitivi, the italian men….
So when i finished college, i moved to Italy!
I had an amazing job, worked with people from all over the world, started playing golf, lived in front of the sea, had amazing food and wine every single day, gained 14kg (!), lost 14 kg, and traveled through Spain, France, Italy, Switzerland and Slovenia.
Then 2 years later, i decided to move back to Portugal.
Thinking it was for good, i rented an apartment, renovated the whole house, made it a home…. But right in the middle of the euro crisis…So the traveling business kinda calmed down a bit.
Then 2,5 years later i traveled to Kuala Lumpur for work… And i just fell in love all over again… Right on my second day in Asia, i was amazed at how a place that was so far away from home, with such a different culture, could make me feel so happy.
So I decided to accept a job offer and moved to Malaysia!
And even now, more than 4 years later, i still find myself smiling in the middle of the street, while i realize that i really  live here.

Like i said.. i got the best of both worlds.
I have a career that I love, and a house, but at the same time, i can travel… Oh, i can travel!!

From swimming with sharks in Perhentians, to surfing in the Bali coral reefs, playing soccer with kids in the middle of Manila, trowing a flying lantern in new year’s eve in Krabi, riding a bike in the midst of chaotic Saigon, roadtrippin’ to the tea plantations in Cameron Highlands, spending the most unbelievable days in a 2-per-3-km island in Indonesia, strolling on a bycicle through ancient temples in Bagan and solo traveling in Nepal, … Asia just opened my mind and my heart in a way i never thought it was possible. And rekindled my will to travel.


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