bucket list

(constantly being updated)

become a mom.
adopt a child.
become an aunt.
become a grandmother.
become a great grandmother.
learn to say “no” without feeling guilty.
make a real difference in at least one person’s life.
write a letter to each of my children telling them what i want them to know about my life and the lessons i’ve learned.
live in italy. post coming soon
return to colfosco for a ski holiday.
run the 10K run. post coming soon
run half a marathon.
learn to sail.
learn to surf. post coming soon
learn how to tango.
ride in a hot air balloon.
go paragliding.
go sky diving.
go on a helicopter ride.
learn to scuba dive.
dive in the great barrier reef.
dive in a shipwreck.
swim with sharks. post coming soon
visit nepal. post coming soon
see mount everest.
go rock climbing. post coming soon
play soccer in the middle of the street with local kids in an exotic place. read here
cross route 66.
dress up for venice carnival.
do a photo-shot. read here
model for a painting. post coming soon
visit paris for at least 2 weeks.
visit cambodia. post coming soon
go to angkor wat. post coming soon
visit all 6 continents. (4/6)
visit thailand. read here
visit vietnam. post coming soon
visit laos. post coming soon
visit indonesia. read here
visit myanmar. post coming soon
visit australia.
visit the giza pyramids.
visit the philippines. read here
go to africa. post coming soon
become a wine connoisseur.
have my paintings exhibited in a gallery.
go on safari in africa.
ride a camel in the desert.
roadtrip in africa.
hike one of the top 20 highest mountains in the world.
travel by train in southeast asia. post coming soon
watch a sunset in africa. post coming soon
visit tibet.
go for a meditation retreat.
eat a bug or snake. post coming soon
have an article published.
go to a top fashion show.
spend a new year’s eve in times square.
spend a new year’s eve on the beach. post coming soon
throw a flying lantern to the sky in thai beach. post coming soon
go ice skating in central park.
own a house.
have dinner in an open rooftop of a low rise building.
get a tattoo. post coming soon
collect one postcard from each country in the world. ongoing read here
visit saint petersburg.


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